Session Information & FAQ

Session Info

Outdoor Family Sessions

For outdoor family sessions, my goal is for everyone to have fun! Even dads! The best to do this is to not force smiling or posing for the camera. Instead, come ready to go with the flow, and if that means the toddler has a tantrum or two, we will go with it! ;) We will play games, explore, and just be prepared to be lovey, dovey with each other! We will be playing, tickling, twirling, laughing, and having fun together, and hopefully, will come away with not just beautiful images to enjoy but lasting memories, as well.

In-Home Family Sessions

In-home sessions are shot in the comfort of your own home (as you might have already guessed!), and as this is real life, I would encourage you to go with flow with whatever happens, as it will most likely will not go to plan. But that is okay! The best photographs are the ones that capture true life, and will probably be the ones that will be your favorite in the years to come. So, relax, and if the toddler wants to wear batman underwear and a cape, let them; they usually have the best ideas anyway!

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

I am a lifestyle newborn photographer so I offer in-home lifestyle sessions that take place in your home. I also offer the option of clients coming to my natural light studio for lifestyle sessions if your home doesn't offer a lot of light or if you just want a clean, neutral space. Visit the "studio" tab to see what it looks like! In-home lifestyle newborn sessions are family oriented, and are more casual and relaxed. We focus on images of you and your family cuddling with baby in the comfort of your own home, with the focus being on the spaces in your home where you spend the most of your time together. This usually means images in the nursery, living room, kitchen, or master bedroom, etc. Upon arrival to your home, I will look around and see where the best natural light is available, and will direct you and your family in natural and genuine interactions for those beautiful images families love. I will also be sure to get plenty of baby alone. These sessions never go perfectly though, and that is okay. Embrace the imperfections! Most parents typically opt to take newborn images during the first two weeks to capture baby's tiny-ness and your new role as a family, but it is an option, (if your baby is already past that sleepy stage) to take them when baby is older. So, yes it is not too late! It is completely up to what you want captured and the look you are going for. Click this link to see some tips on how to prepare for your lifestyle session. You can see more info about my newborn photography style down below (or click here) in the most frequently asked questions section! You are welcome to ask me any questions, I'd be glad to answer them!

Birth Story Sessions

Birth is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to photograph! There is nothing like capturing a baby coming into this world, so fresh and new! I love photographing the reactions, the details, and the things you might have missed the first time while welcoming a new life into the world. Fresh 48 sessions are perfect for those who are more private, but still want to capture those fresh, special days as a family in the hospital with a new baby. And they are perfect for siblings to meet baby for the first time! Interested in what birth photography is all about? Look below at the FAQ section (or click here)! Or contact me with any questions you may have! I'd be glad to answer. Thank you!

Maternity Sessions

Maternity sessions are such a great way to preserve that time inbetween welcoming a new addition to your family, wether it is your first or your fourth baby, it is so special. Even more so when there are siblings as well. The anticipation and waiting for your baby to come into the world is such a time to treasure. You may not feel your best but you look so beautiful! They are typically taken during 30-32 weeks of pregnancy. They can be taken either indoors in your home, my in-home studio, or outdoors at the location of your choice!

Baby or Child Milestone Sessions

There is a quote, "the years are long, but the days are short," and this could not be more true for kids and babies. I love photographing babies 3 months up to a year old. Children of all ages are welcome to be photographed! Every stage should be treasured. One of my favorite things to photograph are the little things, the details that moms love; such as eyelashes, hands, toes, rolls, baby teeth, you name it, I love to photograph it! Don't hesitate to capture those fleeting childhood years. Even better if momma wants to join in! These can be taken indoors in your home, in my in-home natural light studio, or outdoors in the location of your choice.


Frequently asked questions

What should we expect for our session together?

Sessions typically run 1 hour for outdoor sessions, but can be longer for in-home sessions, (and for posed newborn sessions can last up to 2-3 hours). Although I allow plenty of time for breaks if needed for little ones. I want the time we spend together be relaxing, fun, and to not be rushed; as it takes time to get comfortable in front of the camera and this in turn helps you to look relaxed in the final images. The images do not have to be perfect to turn out beautiful; I find that the imperfect photos are often my favorite! So try not to stress before or during your session if you can. Feeling stressed often leads to stressed kids, and parents (Dads I'm looking at you, too! Lol) If your child (or children) go crazy and want to run around; it is perfectly okay to let them. I encourage it even! Do not worry if they are not in the best of moods, as I can still get beautiful photographs with them snuggling against your neck. Let go of your expectations, and we will create beautiful photographs together!

What is a Fresh 48 session?

A Fresh 48 Session is an option for those not looking to capture the whole birth of their baby, but still want to remember and relish those first precious days in the hospital with their new baby. If you book a Fresh 48, I come up to the hospital during either the first or second day of your hospital stay. Fresh 48 sessions are very lifestyle in nature, meaning I capture you and your significant other with baby in the hospital evironment, (if you are giving birth in a hospital) to capture all those special moments and memories that you don't ever want to forget. I typically photograph baby in the iconic hospital blanket, in the bassinet, as well as any other special outfit you would like baby photographed in. Such as baby's going home outfit, etc. I will capture baby with the joyful parents (you!) as well as all the details that you might have passed by the first time: fresh baby toes, wrinkly fingers, baby cries, that head full (or not!) of hair! I also can use this time to capture big brother(s) or sister(s) meeting baby for the first time. The first 24-48 hours can be a blur--so you won't regret capturing your baby (or babies!) when they are still so wrinkly and new.

How should I prepare for our newborn session?

For a newborn session, it is best if baby is fed right before our session (if possible), so baby is happy and has a full tummy. Every session (and baby) is different so I follow baby's lead; so if baby gets hungry or fussy during the session, we can always take breaks to ensure we get the best photographs. It also helps if the room is nice and warm, to help keep baby nice and cozy for a lifestyle session in your home so either turn up the heat in your home or turn on a space heater nearby. Swaddling also helps to keep baby nice and happy.

What is a lifestyle in-home session? And what does it entail?

A lifestyle in-home session is when I come to your home and photograph you and your family just as you are. Being photographed in your own home allows for more natural and athentic photographs, as well as emotion. Lifestyle captures a taste of what your current season looks like and everyday life. Time goes so fast and I love capturing those little details of daily life that often goes unnoticed. I want to capture your toddler making pretend spaghetti for their baby sister, and the little baby shoes in the nursery. I will give you a variety of prompts and we will just play and have fun. I will photograph you snuggling your new baby, tickling your toddler, and just hanging out. I shoot with natural light as much as I can, so don't be surprised if I start opening up blinds and window coverings to get as much light as possible! I also turn off any artfical lights in the home: ceiling lights, lamps, etc. As this reflects unwanted orange casts onto skin. I do have a flash I can use if I need to add extra light to the room. We can also venture into the backyard or onto the porch to spend some time outside if you would like! You do not have to clean your whole home top to bottom for these sessions, a little tidying up wherever we will be shooting will be just fine. I can always move something if necessary (with your permission, of course). This is supposed to showcase a little glimpse into your everday life, so perfection is not needed. Embrace the things that may go wrong, and just embrace the choas! Haha.

What should I bring to our family or portrait session?

I don't bring or use a ton of props in my images, (to keep them classic and timeless as possible) but if there is a special object or keepsake you want to include in your session, I would love to include it. For a child being photographed, this could be a special blanket or lovey (even if worn) can be a special keepsake and it also helps a child to have something to hold, especially in the beginning of our session when we are still getting to know each other. This could also be a musical instrument like a guitar if you love playing together as a family or a special family heirloom item, etc.

What should we wear to our session?

This question depends on season, location, and type of session, but the main thing is what you wear is important and sets the tone for the whole shoot! One of the most important things about choosing outfits for the whole family is to coordinate, not match! Neutrals are always great to start with, and if you have a patterned outfit that one person in the family is wearing, have the rest wear solids that coordinate to not overwhelm. Neutrals like white, cream, tan, or grey are great to start with! Adding soft colors such as soft blues, greens, pinks, mustard yellow, etc. to add some pops of color. Everyone does not need to be wearing the exact same color(s), in fact, it looks a million times better if you aren't all matching! My advice is to start with mom's outfit first and go around that. Maxi dresses are always so flattering on mom and provide great movement and are comfortable (especially for fresh postpartum mamas). Jeans can be great too with a flowy or textured blouse or top. Textures always photograph well (lace, swiss-dot, chiffon, etc.) Layers also look great in photographs for outdoor sessions! Sweaters, denim jackets, hats, and bonnets (for the baby - my weakness) that add texture and interest. Last but not least, keep comfort in mind as well, no one wants a gumpy dad or toddler, lol. Especially for a lifestyle shoot in your own home, being comfortable and being yourself can make or break your session, even more so if you have little kids. If you need further help, don't be afraid to contact me or visit my Pinterest boards for ideas!

Do you take traditional family portraits with everyone looking and smiling at the camera?

Yes and no. I do take at least a couple of everyone smiling and looking at the camera at the beginning, but after that, it is a free for all. I love to capture genuine moments between families, and this includes families cuddling together, tickling, laughing, and playing together. I will give some direction, but everyone should come to the session ready to play and have fun!

What if my child is cranky or fussy during our family or portrait session?

If your child (or children) arrive at the session fussy and just not feeling it, I don't force it. If they need time to warm up to me that is totally okay. One thing to do is to not get upset, and instead, take a deep breath, and relax. If they are more comfortable holding onto mom or dad, we can start off taking images with either parent (if it is a family session, which can lead to sweet snuggling images) and eventually the child should be okay being photographed. If not, don't sweat it!

What happens if my child completely has a meltdown or is sick the day of session?

I am completely fine with rescheduling if it comes to a child having a complete meltdown (it happens!) or is sick the day of the session. Trust me, it happens to the best of us.

Do you offer documentary sessions? What is the difference between that and lifestyle?

Documentary sessions, unlike lifestyle, means I do not interfere in what is happening. I become a fly on the wall and just observe what is occurring in front of me. Lifestyle photography is also more "refined" which means there is usually some direction and styling, but with documentary, as the name implies, I just document. Whether it is a child being born, children running and playing in the backyard on a summer day, whatever it is, I would love to capture an ordinary day for your family.

How and when do we recieve our images?

All of the edited images in your gallery will be finished in 1-2 weeks. They will be delivered to you via email in a beautiful online gallery with the ability to download your images directly to your computer (not your phone). For prints, I highly recommend Mpix for their amazing quality.

I'm ready to book! What do I need to do?

Yay! I'm so excited to photograph you and your family during this super special time for you. Whether you are getting ready to welcome your first baby, or are wanting to photograph your family of five in your home; whichever stage you are in, I am ready to capture it! Okay, so what next? All you need to do is click that "contact" tab or "book a session" button and I will send you an email to get all the exciting details about what you would like captured! When you are ready to take that leap and contact me to inquire about booking a session I will try my best to respond as soon as I can! I typically reply in an hour or two. Once we go over all the details and you are ready to book, I will send you your invoice and contract to get you on my calender. So don't be shy to book as soon as you are able! A deposit of 50 dollars reserves your spot. I will also probably send a quick questionaire to get to know more about what you envision for your session. Once the contract is signed and the date is set, we are ready to go! If you are booking a birth or newborn session I will put you down for your estimated due date, and when you go in labor (I am on call as soon as you are close to you due date or around 37 weeks) or you deliver that sweet baby) we will schedule a date that works best for you and we will go from there! I am here every step of the way, and will send you information about how my sessions flow, ideas on what to wear, and whatever else you need to make this a smooth and fun experience! I am so excited to meet you and photograph these priceless and precious memories! What are you waiting for?! Let's chat!

How does birth photography work?

Birth photography is becoming more and more popular, with more moms than ever opting to have a professional photographer capture the moment her baby takes their first breath. It is such a special and once-in-a-lifetime moment that can't be replicated; and since dads are often busy supporting mom, it can be hard to capture the moment and be in the moment at the same time. Enter birth photographers! I love capturing babies entering the world for the first time. It is so miraculous and fascinating, and hard, but the moment you hold your baby for the first time...it is just amazing. How does it work? If you book a birth story session, I will be on call once you are 37 weeks up until you go into labor. Once you are in active labor (usually around 5-6 cm) you contact me, I will come up to the hospital. Labor is different for every woman, so it depends on how fast you progress; but I could be up there anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours. However long it takes I will photograph every moment: from your husband holding your hand, the face you mom makes when she sees her grandbaby for the first time, to your sheer relief when your baby is laid on your chest for the very first time. I do try to keep your modesty in mind, and try to keep things tasteful whenever possible. I photograph baby getting weighed, measured, skin-to-skin time, and first portraits with baby. I also offer video (a short hightlight video with clips + sound from your baby's birth-day) that can be added on to the photography session and it is priceless. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Congrats, soon-to-be mama! So excited for you!!

When do we schedule our newborn session? How old does baby need to be?

Great question! Once you book a newborn session we will not choose an actual date to schedule your session until baby arrives (I just reserve your spot via your due date). Once baby is born we can decide what day would be best, usually on a weekday but I can do a weekend date too (depending on availability). I prefer to photograph newborns when they are around 2 weeks old (give or take). During this timeframe they are sleepier and they likely haven't developed baby acne yet. Baby acne tends to pop up around the 3-4 week mark, but this can be edited out of the images (it will just be a longer turnaround.) Babies also start to be more alert and awake the older they become. The oldest newborn I have photographed was around 2 months old, so it is doable! We just might not be able to photograph those sleepy, swaddled images and that is okay.

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