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Let me start by saying that I am so glad you are here! I would love to photograph your family, but I know it can be daunting and a little intimidating to plan for photos, but as we all know, it is priceless to have tangible memories of you with your family, not just the ones taking the photos, am I right, mamas?


I am here every step of the way to help make this process as easy as it possible, so below I have a description of each session I offer and towards the end I have some common questions answered that might help calm those fears (like what if my child doesn't cooperate?)  We have all been there! So sit back and let me do all the work, I would love to photograph your family! Time goes too quickly to not be in photos!! 


Outdoor Family Sessions


For outdoor family sessions, my goal is for everyone to have fun! Even dads! The best to do this is to not force smiling or posing for the camera. Instead, come ready to go with the flow, and if that means the toddler has a tantrum or two, we will go with it! ;) We will play games, explore, and just be prepared to be lovey, dovey with each other! We will be playing, tickling, twirling, laughing, and having fun together, and hopefully, will come away with not just beautiful images to enjoy but lasting memories, as well.

In-home Family Sessions

In-home sessions are shot in the comfort of your own home (as you might have already guessed!), and as this is real life, I would encourage you to go with flow with whatever happens, as it will most likely will not go to plan. But that is okay! The best photographs are the ones that capture true life, and will probably be the ones that will be your favorite in the years to come. So, relax, and if the toddler wants to wear batman underwear and a cape, let them; they usually have the best ideas anyway! Need some more info on how these sessions work? Click here.


Newborn Sessions


Lifestyle In-home newborn 

I offer two types of newborn sessions, in-home lifestyle sessions or "posed" studio style sessions.

In-home lifestyle images are more family oriented, and are more casual and relaxed. We focus on images of you and your family cuddling with baby in the comfort of your own home, with the focus being on the spaces in your home where you spend the most of your time together. This usually means images in the nursery, living room, kitchen, or master bedroom, etc. Upon arrival to your home, I will look around and see where the best natural light is available, and will direct you and your family in natural and genuine interactions for those beautiful images families love. I will also be sure to get plenty of baby alone. These sessions never go perfectly though, and that is okay. Embrace the imperfections! 


Most parents typically opt to take newborn images during the first two weeks to capture baby's tiny-ness and your new role as a family, but it is an option, (if your baby is already past that sleepy stage) to take them when baby is older. So, yes it is not too late! It is completely up to what you want captured and the look you are going for. Click this link to see some tips on how to prepare for your lifestyle session.


Posed "studio style" newborn 

Posed, studio style newborn sessions are typically done during baby's first two weeks of life, since it is during those first few days when they are the sleepiest and still curly from being in the womb, which allows for those sweet, posed images you see on my site. For more information on these posed newborn sessions, click here.

Maternity Session

Maternity sessions are usually taken around 31-36 weeks, when mama's belly is nice and round. These are perfect to remember what life was like before welcoming a new addition.

Birth/Fresh 48 Session

Birth is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to photograph! There is nothing like capturing a baby coming into this world, so fresh and new! I love photographing the reactions, the details, and the things you might have missed the first time while welcoming a new life into the world. Fresh 48 sessions are perfect for those who are more private, but still want to capture those fresh, special days as a family in the hospital with a new baby. And they are perfect for siblings to meet baby for the first time! Need more info? Click here. 

Children/Baby/Milestone Session

There is a quote, "the years are long, but the days are short," and this could not be more true for kids and babies. One of my favorite things to photograph are the little things, the details that moms love; such as eyelashes, hands, toes, missing teeth, you name it I love to photograph it. Don't hesitate to capture those fleeting childhood years. Even better if momma wants to join in! 

If you have any questions about a session not listed here, contact me here. For those interested in booking a birth or family session, I will email you a questionnaire to fill out to get to know you better!


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