Photography Sessions

Baby Plans

Family Films


Photography Sessions

Outdoor Sessions

Family - $350

1 Hour Session 

1 Location

30-50+ Images

Portraits- $300

-Kids, Milestone Session-


1 Hour Session 

1 Location

20-30+ Images

Maternity - $350

1 Hour Session 

1 Location

30-50 Images

Lifestyle Sessions

Family In-Home - $350

1-2 Hour Session

Relaxed and fun family in-home session are lifestyle sessions that take place at home. Kids shine being photographed in their favorite place! Let me photograph you and the ones you love being together at home wether it's in the backyard or inside.

Includes online gallery with the best, edited images

Newborn In-Home - $350

1-2 Hour Session 

Relaxed and causal family Session with baby and siblings at home. We will photograph in the areas with best light, such as the nursery, master bedroom, living areas, etc. Remember this sweet time as you welcome home a new addition.

Includes online gallery with the best, edited images

Lifestyle Newborn Session at my In-Home Studio- $350

1-2 Hour Session 

Just like at home just in my natural light studio. Stressed about getting your home ready for a photo session or your home doesn't have enough light? This is a great alternative! Mainly focused on family interacting and cuddling with baby, but I make sure to get plenty of sweet images of baby alone too.

Includes online gallery with the best, edited images

Birth and Fresh 48 Sessions

Birth Story - $500

Fly-on-the-wall, documentary style images of labor, delivery, and up to 2 hours of baby's first moments. Add on highlight video (motion + sound) for an extra fee. Contact for more info!

Includes online gallery with the best, edited images

Fresh 48 Session (Hospital Session After Baby Arrives) - $350

1 Hour Session 

 Document those first days in the hospital with your new baby 

Includes online gallery with the best, edited images


Baby Plans

Bump to Baby - $550

Includes maternity, and lifestyle newborn session

 Document those most anticipated days awaiting a new addition, and as a new family with baby's arrival

Online gallery with best edited images included

Watch Me Grow - $700

Lifestyle newborn session,

6 months, and one year

 Document those important milestones in baby's life for you to cherish forever

Online gallery with best edited images included

Baby's First Year - $1,250

Includes maternity, lifestyle newborn, 6 months, and one year

Online gallery with best edited images included

(May be able to add on a Fresh 48 session depending on availability and season)

A la Carte

Video + Photo (added to session of choice) -


Family Films

Documentary and lifestyle style films of your family


Family Films are designed to be a time capsule of how your family is right now. Years down the road, you may look back and regret not being in more videos with your family (not just taking them.) 

That sounds awesome, but what are we supposed to be filmed doing, you ask?

Well, whatever you want to remember of your life in this moment! Your baby being born, getting messy making pancakes in the kitchen, you name it, I want to document it! 

You may think your daily life is boring or mundane, and it may be, but there is beauty in it as well, and
I want to capture your everyday lives in moving images, not just photographs.
Give me your messy bun, wearing pjs, cuddling your baby, your kids playing outside in the backyard, life. 
"The days are long, but the years are short," mama.
I would love to film your family.

**Pricing below is for a stand-alone family film - If you want to add on a highlight film to an existing session, you can, for a small fee. If you have questions, contact me! 

Outdoor Family Film

 Short Outdoor Family Film - $350

Outdoor family film of your people loving on one another and just being together. Can be more lifestyle or documentary in style, depending on what you want captured. 


Whether that is in the backyard, or in your favorite portrait location, it is the perfect way to freeze time in motion. 

In-Home Lifestyle film

 Short Fresh 48 Film (first few hours and/or siblings meeting for first time at hospital)- $350

In-home lifestyle family films are a mixture of lifestyle and documentary styles. Perfect to remember bringing home your first baby, or if want to capture a fun day of making cookies in the kitchen and your everyday routine. 

Real life isn't perfect, and your family film will reflect that. Embrace it! You will want to remember these days. Even the hard ones.

Birth film

 Short Birth Film (filmed from 6 cm up to 2 hours after birth) - $600

Birth story films are so special! 


Reliving your baby being born is so priceless, and being able to hear that first baby cry again and again is pretty special as well.


I capture everything from the little details, mom and dad meeting baby for the first time, baby getting weighed and measured, skin to skin time, etc. I can also film siblings meeting baby if they visit up to 2 hours after birth. 

Fresh 48 film

 Short Fresh 48 Film (first few hours and/or siblings meeting for first time at hospital)- $350

Fresh 48 films are right up there to birth story films. Nothing like those baby stretches, and mom and dad getting to know the new addition!


These films are also perfect for siblings meeting for the first time! Talk about priceless memories!

For more details and to talk about your custom film, contact me here.