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Bailee + Mikelyn | Classic Motherhood and 6 Month Session in the Studio

Mother's day is right around the corner, so what better way to celebrate all the mamas by sharing a recent motherhood session from this past winter. I know I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I love photographing mamas and their precious little ones! This session has all my favorites: a baby in a bonnet dressed in a classic bubble, and of course, baby toes! What more could you ask for? I had made sure to hone in on those sweet and precious details that mamas don't want to ever forget. Moms don't get in front of the camera enough so I love when I can help document this special and fleeting time for them in a beautiful and timeless way!

Mikelyn is such an adorable baby with those big expressive blue eyes, I had so much fun photographing her and her gorgeous mama in my little cozy studio! These were taken when Mikelyn was 6 months old, one of my favorite ages to photograph babies since (most of the time) they are able to sit up unassisted and they haven't figured out crawling yet. It gets a little harder to photograph them once they are mobile, but not impossible.

The studio is my favorite place to shoot in my home for motherhood, newborn, and baby sessions since it floods with beautiful light on sunny days and all the focus is right where it belongs: on you and your sweet baby. You would never know it by looking at these, but they were taken on a mostly overcast winter day and it was freezing cold outside. Indoor sessions can be a great option for those cold or hot Louisiana days. Thank you again Bailee for trusting me to capture you and your sweet baby girl, it was so fun hanging out with y'all!



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