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How To Take Your Own Photos | Newborn Photo Tips

Hi, ya'll! It has been such a whirlwind, hasn't it, with so many changes and uncertainty surrounding us in such a short time? It can be so easy to surround yourself with worry about all the unknowns about what the future might hold, me included! So I thought I'd share some helpful tips to all of you fellow moms (and moms-to-be) to help take your own photos of your sweet new babes and kiddos in the next few weeks!

Welcoming a new member into the family is such a special and fleeting time, so it is a hard pill to swallow to not get to be apart of documenting this season for all of you sweet mamas! But safety is the most important thing! These tips can be used for photos in the hospital, once you get home, and beyond! So without further ado, I hope these tips help you, or if you have a fellow mom that would be interested, you are welcome to share it with them.

I hope to see all of your sweet babies soon once we are in the clear!



Disclaimer: you do not need a fancy camera to use these tips. A iPhone works just fine! Just be sure to turn off your flash. And don't forget to get IN the photos!!

1. Always try to take them in the daytime (if you can) for best lighting! The next thing is to turn off any & all artificial lighting, whether it's in the hospital or in your home. (This applies to ceiling lights, lamps, overhead florescent lights, etc). This helps you get the best natural skin tones! No one wants an Oompa Loomba orange baby! Lol. 

2. Open up all the blinds, and let as much light in as possible! Put your baby near a window (on a safe flat area, of course, see ideas on #3).You want your baby near the window for best lighting on their face. So always turn their face towards the light if you can! Try to dress baby in neutral clothing that allows for natural skin tones, so no color casts fall on baby (but this is just personal preference).

In this image, I am shooting from above looking down. The light is coming from the windows on the right.

In this image, I am also shooting from above looking down, using the mobile to frame baby. The light is coming from the window on the right.

3. Always lay your baby on a safe, flat surface. If you are at the hospital you can lay your baby in the bassinet or on the hospital bed. At home you can lay them on a bed, ottoman, in the crib, etc. Babies can startle easily, so if you can, have your husband or another pair of hands be on stand by in case your baby startles and moves. Always put safety first! Please do not attempt putting your baby in a basket or other unsafe object, it just isn't worth your baby's safety.

4. Capture your baby with the light coming in from the side. iPhones don't tend to like the window behind your subject, (it tends to make the photos dark) so if possible try to photograph your baby straight on & with the light coming in from the side (across the baby, so the window would be on your right or your left). Or take photos with the window behind you, and the light is falling directly on baby, (although this can cause your body to block the light.) It takes a little practice!

In this image, I am down on their level, and the light is coming from the two windows on the left.

In this image, I am shooting from above looking down at baby. The light is coming from the big hospital window on the right.

In this image, the light is coming mostly from behind, (which might be tricky to capture on a iPhone) but there is a small window on the right that is spilling across her face, filling in any shadows.

5. Get creative with angles! It can be easy to fall into old habits and shoot from above looking down but try different perspectives! Try getting on baby's level so you can see their sweet features. You can also shoot from above looking down to show how tiny they are. Then walk around and see what other angles you can get. Get close and shoot their hands and feet. Have fun with it!

5. Have fun! Just take lots of photos (and videos)! Even if they aren't perfect or burry, they are still priceless memories. And be sure to get in the photos too! If you want to add an extra touch, there are tons of editing tips out there. I recommend downloading the Lightroom app to your phone. There are presets you can buy to make editing quicker and easier, you might even be able to find some for free. But there are tons of ways to edit, it's up to you!

I hope this helps some of you capture priceless memories for you and your sweet kiddos to enjoy in the years to come. I hope to see you in front of my lens soon!


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