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Kelly Family | Outdoor Milestone & Family Session | Lake Bistineau State Park

This family of three was a joy to work with this past spring! So wild that spring 2023 is already over and summer is upon us. Spring is one of my very favorite times of year to photograph families outdoors since everything is lush, green and the flowers are starting to bloom. It's also usually not too hot outside although sometimes it can be a little chilly, you just never know with Louisiana weather! This precious family wanted to capture their little boy about to turn one, such a fun age to document! Wesley wasn't quite walking yet at the time which can actually a good thing, since it can be a little more challenging once babies start to walk, ha.

This March day was mostly overcast but they definitely brought the sunshine! These two parents were just beaming with pride interacting with their little boy, it is such a privilege to capture the love and joy babies can bring. Also, a little tip: light, neutral and pastel colors help tremendously when photographing on a cloudy day, they help make your images look that much brighter and help reflect light back on to you (with no weird color casts, that's a win-win!) Wesley's mama did a fantastic job on coordinating their outfits and Wesley's little outfit was to die for, so adorable. Check out those precious rolly thighs! I cannot deal with the cuteness.

We captured a variety of images during their session, including images of them all together, mama and baby, and dad with baby. We made sure to capture lots of smiles, playfulness, tenderness, and sweet baby cuddles. All of my favorite things! Thank you Kelly family for trusting me with your precious memories.

As always, I hope you enjoy.


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