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Baby Robert at Home | Lifestyle In-Home Newborn Session

There is something extra special when I get the chance to photograph a family multiple times, especially after they welcome a new member into their family! Seeing how much their little girl, Mae, had grown since I saw her last as a tiny newborn a couple of years ago was so mind blowing (and so much fun!) She's now a spunky toddler with so much personality and she is already such a great big sister to her baby brother, Robert.

Baby Robert's nursery was so very sweet and classic, isn't so such a stunning space?! I had too much fun photographing everything! Blue gingham will always have my heart, I just love it so much so that was such a fun surprise. Teal did such a wonderful job designing it and putting all the adorable touches to make it their own. It's the perfect room for her baby boy to grow up and make memories in!

What made this session even more meaningful was the love that this family excludes, they were so relaxed and upbeat during our time together and that always shows through the photos we capture. Having fun and enjoying time making memories with the ones you love is always my number one aim and priority. I hope you come away with so much more than beautiful images after our session (but beautiful images are why I'm there after all!) ;) I know family photo sessions can be a daunting challenge with a new baby, a toddler and trying to coordinate outfits and so on. So, y'all are rockstars and made it happen! Thank you for having me W family!


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