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Lillich Family | Outdoor Fall Family Session

This session has my heart you guys, I just adore it so much. I loved meeting this precious family this past fall they were so much fun to photograph and made it so easy! I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorite images since there are just too many good ones. The light was so beautiful on this October day, I'm so glad we decided to reschedule since it was supposed to rain the day we had originally planned. The golden sunlight was totally worth it and looks so magical!

This family's oldest little girl was such a sweetheart during their session, she took a few minutes to warm up which is totally fine and once we started singing her favorite songs she absolutely lit up. Her smile and giggles were so contagious! P.S. let me know if there is something that helps your little ones relax and be comfortable, for this sweet girl it was all of us singing on repeat "Wheels On the Bus," how cute is that?! Capturing childhood has always been one of my favorite things, childhood is so fleeting so I loving being able to capture this moment in time for you (and for them in the future!)

Her baby sister was also a little doll and I loved capturing her expressive eyes and cupid bow lips. Aren't they both so adorable?! Mama did such a great job on coordinating their outfits too, I loved the final look we decided on! If anyone ever wants help putting outfits together or wants any advice I would love to help you, that's what I am here for.

Also, these candid and precious moments are the sole reason I only offer regular (one hour+) sessions instead of mini sessions. Longer sessions mean we have plenty of time to relax, be unhurried, and allow those moments to unfold that we wouldn't be able to capture otherwise in a shorter session, as well as those detail photos that I love. Those are my two cents, anyway! I could keep going on and on but instead I'm going to let the images speak for themselves! Thank you again, L family for trusting me with these moments.



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