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Cooper's 7 Month Milestone Session | Hughes House in Benton

This session just makes me happy! I adore anything classic, traditional and southern when it comes to photographing babies. Bring me a cute baby in a bubble and put them on a white porch and I'm in heaven. We captured Cooper's sitter session at 7 months old at the Hughes House in Benton on the square which was the perfect backdrop for his milestone session. These were taken in September and we were blessed with perfect weather, it wasn't too hot or cold (which is rare in Louisiana! It's either one or the other, usually.)

During a milestone sitter session we can document your baby sitting up at any time from 6-8 months old. All babies are different and achieve milestones at different rates so I encourage to take them whenever they are sitting up confidently and unassisted! It's okay if baby is still a little wobbly, I always welcome parents to be right near by just in case there are any tumbles. It happens; safety first!

Cooper was so handsome and smiley, the camera loved him! The soft colors palette of his sweet outfit was perfect and suited him so well and the soft overcast day provided the most perfect lighting for under the porch. The cloudy sky lit up his blue eyes, they were so mesmerizing. I was amazed at how much he had grown since I saw him last at a couple weeks old at his newborn session. I loved capturing all of his adorable expressions, his gummy smile, and new tricks he had learned like clapping. I brought along some classic wooden blocks and silver rattle for him to play with and they turned out to be a big hit! Big brother tagged along so we were able to capture a handful of images of them together and they turned out so precious. I have loved getting the chance to photograph Cooper's first year of life, I photographed him at a couple weeks old, 7 months old and at almost a year. Enjoy, friends!


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