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Where to Go for Your Next Outdoor Session | My Top 4 Outdoor Locations in SBC

Not sure where you should plan to go for your next outdoor photo session or looking for inspiration? I have you covered! I have rounded up my top 4 outdoor locations that I tend to shoot at the most often; keep in mind a few of these locations are also frequented by other photographers and their clients but that is okay! We can work around others while being respectful of their space (it also can help to shoot on a weekday, since there are little to no crowds but we can make weekends work too).

These examples were all shot in different lighting situations and seasons, but all sessions are unique and one of a kind. Even on the chance that the season and lighting are the same no one family are alike and I love that! Embrace what makes your family YOU and we will make magic! The top four locations I shoot at the most in the Shreveport/Bossier City area are Lake Bistineau State Park, the National Red River Wildlife Refuge, the Hughes House on the square in Benton, and an open field near my home in Shreveport. Lots of options to choose from!

If these don't speak to you let me know and we can brainstorm other ideas! I'm always up for shooting in a new location if it meets my requirements for the best lighting and isn't more than an hour away. If possible, it can be great to photograph your session in a place that is special to you (such as if you have family land to shoot on or even a location that reminds you of a special memory.) I also have a few locations I've photographed in Joaquin, Center, and Shelbyville, Tx, if those are closer to you. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this helps someone find the perfect location for their next photo session!

Lake Bistineau State Park

Doyline, La

First up, is Lake Bistineau State Park, located in Doyline, La. You might recognize this location since it is a popular spot for photo sessions (and it is easy to see why!) It is beautiful no matter the season but it is especially pretty in the spring/summer when everything is turning green and vibrant. The main attraction are the cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss, and with the bayou near by there are a couple different background options. There is pier that can also be used during your session (depending on lighting) as well as a couple of wooden benches scatted around if you want a different place to sit other than the grass. There is a small fee to get in the park, but it is only $3 per person (and kids under 3 get in free), so that's a win. For convenience there are bathrooms nearby and a parking lot for easy access. Keep in mind there is a short walk from the parking lot to the trees, so bring some extra walking shoes if you need them!

National Red River Wildlife Refuge

Bossier City, La

Next, is the National Red River Wildlife Refuge in Bossier City, La. It is also a beautiful location that boasts several different background options, such as the levee that has gorgeous oak trees (that are extra beautiful and green in the spring and summer.) It has open grassy areas for kids to run around (near the water but not too close) and has views of the lake if you lookout on the pier. There are also several walking trails and a fun play ground for kids to play on after the session is over. It is more on the rustic side and more woodsy but it has lots to offer as far as variety! As a plus, it has a parking lot and bathrooms for easy access and is free to get in for all ages.

Hughes House

Benton, La

Then, we have the Hughes House located on the square in Benton, La. There is a small fee to use the property, I believe it's around $25 (but it has been a little while since I've been out there so it could have changed). It has an old southern charm with the house's white porch, a rustic cabin and an old schoolhouse. The white porch is my go-to for sessions, it is perfect for classic and timeless portraits! This location is great for milestone and family sessions. I don't tend to use a lot of props in my images, but I do have an adorable kid-sized bench and a rustic old radio flyer wagon (both pictured above). I also have some wooden blocks and a silver rattle for babies and toddlers to play with, as well as couple of quilts for kids and families to sit on if you don't want to sit in directly in the grass. This location has a parking lot for easy access.

Open Field with Oak Trees

Shreveport, La

Lastly, I love shooting in this gorgeous open field near my home in Shreveport, La, if you are wanting nature and lots of room to play this location is for you! It has beautiful open fields and big oak trees for shade. It photographs beautifully on sunny days at sunset, the golden light coming through the leaves is just so pretty; although it can also be just as pretty on overcast days. It has plenty of room to run around and play so it's great for kids! It can be a great option for family, milestone, or motherhood sessions. Keep in mind there are no bathrooms nearby so any outfit changes will need to be creative. ;)

If you have any questions please let me know. Happy location scouting!

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