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Wilder Family | Lifestyle Outdoor Family Session

I always have a blast hanging out with this precious family! I have known McKenzie (and her family) since we were kids, she and my cousin pretty much grew up next door to each other and were childhood best friends. I'm pretty sure we have old home videos of all of us making up music videos/dances somewhere; time flies. We reconnected some years back when my sister started taking western horse riding lessons at their family ranch and the rest is history as they say! I love when life comes full circle--I now get the privilege to capture her and her beautiful family and precious two kiddos. They are probably the sweetest people you will ever come across, I always have fun catching up with them and capturing their current season of life!

Mckenzie came to me with the idea to take her family photos out on a friend's land this past spring/summer that has a beautiful pecan orchard and I love when families choose a location that means something to them or ties into their family story. Mckenzie's husband works with cattle so it was perfect for them to tell their story (but still in a beautiful way.) The cows were so fun and wanted to join in the session too! The cattle are also meaningful to them since two of them have customized name tags in honor of each of their kids which I think is so neat! Also, didn't Mckenzie do an awesome job on putting together their outfits?! They are on point! The color palette photographed so beautifully with all of the greenery of the trees and the early summer season.

I truly love capturing families being together and enjoying time with each other, and I can just feel it in these photos! They just radiate joy and that makes me so happy. That said, every family is unique and bring different personalities/energy so no two sessions are alike--embrace what makes your family YOU and you will love your photos! With young kids you never really know what to expect (there will always be a little chaos, but that's to be expected!) but they did so great and I think Crowley probably had the most fun out of all of us! She carried around her little wooden toy camera like a pro and had a grand old time taking all of our photos. Future photographer, maybe? :) Thank you again, Wilder family! I can't wait for next time.

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